Sam Montague

director of photography

TV and Documentary - credits include...

‘Taskmaster’ (series 1-9)

Avalon/Dave (BAFTA NOM), dir: Andy Devonshire

‘Travel Man' (series 3-10)

NorthOne.Ch4 (BAFTA NOM), dir: Chris Richards/Nicola Silk

‘The Great British Bake Off’ (series 8-10)

Love Prods/Ch4, dir: Jeanette Goulbourn

‘The Great British Bake Off’ (series 1-7)

Love Prods/BBC (BAFTA), dir: Andy Devonshire

‘Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe’ (series 2-4)

House of Tomorrow/BBC (BAFTA NOM), dir: Andy Devonshire

‘Heston’s Recipe For Romance’

Betty/Ch4, dir: Hayden King

‘Hitchcock - Made in Britain’ (with Jonathan Ross)

HotSauce/ITV, dir: Andy Devonshire,

‘The Frost Interview’

Al Jazeera, Films with Sir David Frost around the world

(Featuring Paul McCartney, David Barenboim, Desmond Tutu and many others…)

‘The Mary Berry Story’

Love/BBC, dir: Scott Tankard

‘Child Genius’ (series 1-3)

Wall to Wall/Ch4, dir: Andy Devonshire/Brian Hayes

‘The Taste’

CPL/Ch4, dir: Andy Devonshire

‘My Kitchen Rules’

Boundless/Sky, dir: Robin Trump

‘The Apprentice’ (1-8) & ‘Young Apprentice’

Boundless/Talkback/BBC (BAFTA)

‘Grow, Make, Eat: The Great Allotment Challenge’

Silver River/BBC

‘Four Rooms’ (series 1 & 2)

Boundless/Ch4, dir: Andy Devonshire,

‘The Young Ones’

Wall to Wall/Ch4

'Bobby Kennedy - The Last Journey'

Lichen Films/Ch4 (USA)

‘Winging It'

Endemol/BBC, dir: Andy Devonshire (Comedians try to convince an audience they are experts)

‘The Restaurant’ (series 2 & 3)


‘She Should Have Gone To The Moon’

Arts Council, dir: Ulrike Kugatta, documentary about the first femail NASA astronauts, filmed in UK and USA

‘Millionaires Mission’

Silver River/Ch4, UK entrepreneur join forces to initiate projects in Uganda

‘The Boys’

SmashBulb Prods/Disney, dir: Gregg & Jeff Sherman, UK photography for film about the Sherman Brothers

‘Dawn French's Girls Who Do: Comedy' & 'Dawn French's Boys Who Do: Comedy'

BBC, dir: Jon Blair/Ben McPherson, Dawn interviews actors and performers who’ve inspired her (UK & USA).

'The X Factor'

TalkbackThames/ITV (BAFTA), Location camera & lighting supervisor for series 1 & 2

'Reporters at War'

3BM/Discovery (EMMY), dir: Jon Blair

Documentary series, history of ‘the war reporter’ (UK and USA)

‘Age of Terror’

3BM/Discovery, dir: Jon Blair.

Documentary series examining the history of modern terrorism (Locations include: Algeria, South Africa, Israel, USA, Central and South America, Thailand)

‘Fashion Avenue’ (with Jodie Kid)

Electric Sky (worldwide networks)

‘Picture This’

Renegade/Ch4, dir: Tom Coveney. Series following new photographers and their assignments

‘Brat Camp’

2020/Ch4 (Mums and daughters in Arizona)

‘Interior Rivalry’

Silver River/Ch4 (Ann Maurice challenges would-be designers)

‘To Kill a Pope’ & ‘One of America’s Own’

3BM/Discovery, dir: Jon Blair, ‘Zero Hour 2’ documentary series, UK photagraphy and additional location photography (USA, Italy and Turkey)

'The Waltz King'

BBC, Dir: Rupert Edwards, location/documentary photography (With Lesley Garrett, filmed in Austria)

‘Imagine… Being a Concert Pianist’ & ‘The Voice of Bryn Terfel’ (with Alan Yentob)

BBC, dir: Rupert Edwards